Tecnatom is an engineering company that has been providing services to the nuclear sector since 1957. Its primary activities are inspection and structural integrity services, operation personnel training via the use of full-scope simulators and plant operation support engineering.

Over the last decade Tecnatom has diversified its services and products into the international market and other industrial sectors such as the aviation, railway and petrochemical sector etc. It provides services and products with highly advanced technology, which are constantly being improved to adapt to the needs and requirements of our various clients and markets.

In addition to the various different sectors of the national market such as the nuclear, hydraulic, combined-cycle, petrochemical, aviation and railway industries etc. the international market now also plays a significant part in Tecnatom’s day-to-day operations. This has been shown over the last decade with projects executed in the USA, Japan, Sweden, Finland, South Korea, Taiwan, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Eastern Europe, Russia, Ukraine and others, with our work being validated by numerous clients and regulating authorities across the globe.

Whether directly or through the various strategic agreements that we have with principal suppliers, Tecnatom’s technological capacity, products and services are, and will continue to be, available on both the national and international markets.