ROMATOM la Energy Strategy Summit
iulie 3, 2020 0

In data de 30.06.2020, in cadrul Energy Strategy Summit organizat de Energynomics, a avut loc un panel special dedicat energiei nucleare si relatiei cu industria nucleara canadiana.

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Speakers and Run-Down

  • Ron Oberth, President and CEO of the Organisation of Canadian Nuclear Industries
  • Lucian Rusu, president of ROMATOM
  • Cosmin Ghiță, CEO of Nuclearelectrica

Chairman: Gabriel Avăcăriței, Chief Editor, Energynomics

Each of the speakers will have a 5-7 minutes first intervention, followed by 1-2 questions from the Chairman, and / or comments and dialogue between the speakers.

Some topics that might be addressed

  • What are the focal points of the current collaboration between the Canadian and Romanian companies in the nuclear industry?
  • What are the present opportunities for developing this collaboration?
  • Are there any challenges that the two Associations and/or the individual companies might address? How?
  • Beyond the traditional relationship between the two industries, what are the common grounds for collaboration on the global/European scale – in order to enhance the perspectives for future nuclear developments?