Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power Co., Ltd. (KHNP) is the Korea’s largest electric power company with its mission of “stable supply of electric power to enrich the lives of the people and to contribute to the growth of the national economy”. Since KHNP first began the commercial operation of Kori 1 in 1978, nuclear power plant-based power supply has been steadily increasing over the last 40 years, and as of 2021, KHNP is operating 24 nuclear power plants. The total facility capacity is 28,608 MW, with the total generation of 160,184GWh.


KHNP is playing a leading role throughout the life cycle of the nuclear power plant from design and construction to operation and maintenance. APR 1400, Korea’s next-generation reactor model that won the EUR certification in 2017, is recognized across the world of its safety and competitiveness as it also obtained the design certification from the U.S Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC). In addition, there are total of four nuclear power plants under construction in the UAE, one of which has begun commercial operation since April 2021. KHNP is actively exploring global markets according to the needs of each country.

Among 4 CANDU plants in Korea, KHNP successfully completed the refurbishment of the first CANDU plant in 2011. Tritium Removal Facility, constructed by KHNP during 2003 and 2007, has been showing the most reliable and excellent performance.

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